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Pilates classes in Cobham, Effingham, Fetcham, Surrey

Why Exercise with us?

I am a fully qualified and insured Body Control Pilates Teacher who teaches group mat classes and private sessions at my home. I teach in and around Cobham, Surrey.

Body Control Pilates Mat Certificate - Level 3
Reps Level 3

Body Control Pilates Intermediate Matwork

High Intensity Power (HIP) Pilates Qualified
(created/certified by Lisa Bradshaw)

Body Control Pilates Reformer
... Equipment Qualified
Lisa B Complete Cadillac Course

Small Equipment - Overball, Band, Toning Circle

Balens Insured
First-aid certificate - ABC Aid Training Solutions
First-aid certificate - updated St John's Ambulance

Pilates is a mind and body training programme which helps to keep you both mentally and physically in shape. Pilates teaches you to be aware of your body and your movements. As you learn the Fundamentals of Alignment, Breathing and Centering (Core Stability) you will immediately notice (or perhaps others will!) an improvement in your posture, you will stand taller. Even after a few sessions you should find you are more flexible, your balance and co-ordination will improve and you'll start to tone up all over, particularly around your middle as you streamline your body."

Lynne Robinson - Founder of Body Control Pilates in March issue of Beyond Bespoke Magazine.
DBS Insured By: Balens

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Balens
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